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Someone you trust may have advised you to think about your estate plans. Perhaps recent events have reminded you to express your intentions more clearly. The result of our work is the peace that comes with knowing your wishes are clearly communicated, that your loved ones won’t face uncertain outcomes or difficult choices on their own.

You may have every intention of putting plans in place. But then you think about the various decisions and documents that may be needed and it’s easy to postpone…

That’s why I want to introduce you to a more personal approach to estate planning. Together we will focus on your values and what matters most to you, before thinking about assets, insurance, or legal terms.

Like many clients, you will quickly discover how comforting it is to have solid plans in place. Together we walk through a guided process, meeting in your home if needed. I will help you gain clarity on the issues that may concern you:

  • Insuring that your children approach their lives with a sense of hope and gratitude;
  • Continuing your positive impact on organizations and community;
  • Providing strength and care to those who are closest to you;
  • Handing over your business concerns to the right people;
  • Thinking about your health care and quality of life.

I want to insure that your wishes are clearly known and then establish the legal means for seeing them fulfilled. I invite you to contact me for a free consultation. Discover how my personal approach can help you convey what’s most important to you.